Packs for Kopernicus (KSP 1.3.1)

Name Kopernicus Version Description Category
10x Kerbol system 0.6.3 Rescales all the stock bodies to 10 times their original sizes. No
After Kerbin 1.7.3-2 The Kerbol system 4 billion years into the future. Contains many high quality planets complete with its own visual suite. No
Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered 1.7.3-2 Rearranges the Kerbol system. Continuation of Alternis Kerbol Reloaded. No
Alternis Real Solar System 0.5 Rearranges the Real Solar System to be different like Alternis Kerbol. No
Arkas 0.5 Adds a desert planet in between Moho and Eve. Yes
Antichthon 0.6.3 Adds an Earth-like planet orbiting on the other side of the Sun. (Requires Real Solar System) No
Asclepius 1.5.1-1 Adds a planet and a moon. Yes
Astro's Kopernicus Planets IN DEVELOPMENT No
Before Kerbin 1.0-1.4.2 T K S 2 Billion Years Ago. Contains EVE, Kopernicius Etc.
Cavran Planet Pack 1.3.0-8 Adds in a temperate gas-giant orbited by 4 moons. Removes Duna No
Chani Planet Pack 0.2.4 Adds a lava planet, a gas giant and 5 moons. Yes
Dwarf Planets Plus 1.3.0 Adds in five Dwarf Planets to the Kerbal System No
DoubleDouble 1.3.1 Adds several star systems, some of which are binary pairs. Yes
Evolution 1.3.1 IN DEVELOPMENT No
Extrasolar: Planets Beyond Kerbol 1.3.0 Adds a red dwarf star, 3 planets, 2 gas giants, and 8 moons. No
Farlo Planetary Pack 0.6.3 Adds a gas giant and 4 moons No
Far Lands 1.3.1 - 1.7.3 Adds a multitude of star systems to the game, alongside filler stars in a similar method to KSS.


Galactic Neighborhood 1.3.0 Integration of multiple planet packs in the same game. No
Galileo's Planet Pack 1.3.0 Replaces the stock system entirely with 27 worlds, a different yellow star and a red dwarf star. Not for new players and not compatible with OPM. Yes
Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul 1.3.1 Adds 28 new high quality, detailed planets to the existing system, complete with lore and easter eggs for you to discover. Yes
Gemeni 0.6.3 Adds a binary twin to Kerbin; Moves Mun and Minmus. No
Heidon 1.2.2-1 Adds in A Hot-Jool and three moons No
Imperial Planet Pack 1.3.1 Replaces all stock bodies and is the system from Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul after an interplanetary empire + another star system comes in and terraforms a lot of planets. Yes
Interstellar Adventure Revived 1.3.0 Adds 6 stars, 21 planets, 4 gas giants, 15 moons, a comet, and 2 rogue planets. Yes
Jungis Planet Pack 0.4 Adds a gas giant, 14 moons and a sub-moon. No
KASE 0.6.3 Improves and tweaks the textures of the stock planets. No
Kargantua System 1.2.2 Adds a black hole, a neutron star and some planets and asteroids. No
Kerbal Binary 0.3.1 Makes the sun a black hole, 9 stars, no planets or moons. No
Kerbal Outer Bodies Expansion IN DEVELOPMENT No
KerbalGalaxy 2 0.3.3 Makes the sun a black hole, adds a black hole, 8 stars, 17 planets, 7 moons and a wormhole. No
Kerbiting System[1] 1.0.2/1.1 Rearranges the Kerbol System, where Kerbin is a moon of Jool. No
Kerbol Origins 0.6 Derived from Kerbol Plus. Adds a gas giant, three planets, eight moons, and a comet; Moves Eeloo. No
Kerbol Plus 0.3.3 Adds a gas giant, 6 planets, 14 moons and a comet. No
Kerbol Plus Remade 0.4 Derived from Kerbol Plus. Adds 6 planets and 6 moons. No
Galaxies Unbound 1.7.0 - 3 Currenty adds Alpha Centauri as a close system to Sun. No
Kerbol Ultimate 0.1.0 IN DEVELOPMENT No
Keridani 0.4 Adds a star, 4 planets, 6 moons and an asteroid. No
Kronkus 0.4 Adds a gas giant and 4 moons. No
Ktolemy 0.4 Makes Kerbin the center of the Kerbol System and reparents planets. No
LibraCORE 0.4 Adds a star. No
New Horizons 1.3.0 Rearranges the Kerbol system and adds 3 gas giants, 4 planets and 12 moons. No
Odysseus Planet Pack 1.1.3-1 Adds a gas planet-ice giant system, 3 moons, two asteroids, and a sub moon. the whole system is in a retrograde orbit between Duna and Dres ?
Other_Worlds 1.3.0 Adds a new star with 5 planets and 7 moons. No
Other Worlds Reboot 1.3.1-7 / 1.4.2-1

Re-does Other_Worlds's Star and Celestial Bodies with the inclusion of laser-driven probes for interstellar travel   IN DEVELOPMENT

Outer Planets ModRepost by Galileo 1.3.0 Adds 3 gas giants, a planet, 10 moons and a sub-moon. Yes
Planet Cyran 1.2.2-5 Adds a hot-Jool with 8 moons, vast rings and claims, re-imagines Dres as 9th moon. Getting close actually burns ships. Yes
Pledna 1.1.3 Adds a dwarf planet based on the real life trans neptunian object Sedna
Real Solar System 0.4 Changes the Kerbol system to our own Solar System. No
RHAT's Planet pack 0.2.4 Adds a new gas giant. No
RSS Expanded 0.2.4 Adds 2 planets, 12 moons, 6 asteroids and a comet to RSS.

(Requires Real Solar System)

Constellations - The RSS Star Pack 1.2.2-1 Adds in the Proxima Centauri, Alpha, Centauri, Wolf-1061, Gliese 3292, Tau Ceti, and HD 10180 systems; Adds Polaris, Vega, Sirius, and the entire Ursa Major constellation No
Saru Planet Pack 0.5.2 Adds a gas giant and four moons. No
Sentar Expansion 0.3.3 Adds a gas giant, 4 planets and 7 moons. No
Sido's Urania System 0.4 Adds a gas giant, 6 planets and 8 moons. No
Sigma's mod expansion 0.4

A collection of mods that changes the colour of eve and, adds in PluronKhato and Tilts Urlum. (OPM Tilt and Recolour Requires Outer Planets Mod)

Sylandro's Planet Warehouse 0.3.3 Adds a gas giant and 5 moons. No
The Boris System 1.3.1-9 Adds a gas giant, 3 planets and 12 moons. Yes
The World Beyond 1.3.1-9



Adds 100 celestial bodies in a large cluster. No
Toy Solar System 0.4 Rescales all the planets to 1/10th their size. No
Trans-Keptunian 1.3.0-7 Adds 4 planets and 5 moons. Yes
Uncharted Lands 1.3.1-9 Rearranges the Kerbol system and changes them completely. No
Kluster 0.6.3 IN DEVELOPMENT No
Xen's Planet Collection Revived 1.7.3-2 Adds 9 moons and 2 planets orbiting between Duna and Jool. Yes

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