Kras is the second moon of Arkas added in the Arkas planet pack as of update 2.0 of Arkas: Development Edition

Kras TWG artwork

In-Game Description

"Kras is a large moon orbiting Arkas. It's terrain is very uneven and thus landing will be quite a challenge, about half of the surface is covered in slopes. The biggest question is, however, 'how did it form in the first place?'"
-Kerbal Astronomical Union


Physical Properties

  • Surface gravity: 0.173g
  • Mass: 5.95266948906203E+20 kg
  • Radius: 153000 m
  • Volume: 15002474655288200 m^3


Kras seems to have a mantle of purple rock with an outer layer of grey, rocky and uneven terrain. The color of the mantle suggests that it could be made of amethysts.

Orbital Properties

  • Semi-Major Axis: 19000000m
  • Inclination: -0.4
  • Eccentricity: 0.08
  • Longitude Of Ascending Node: 123
  • Argument Of Periapsis: 11
  • Mean Anomaly At Epoch: 21
  • Epoch: 10


As of update 4.0 of Arkas: Development Edition, Kras has five unique biomes. These are:

  • Kyril Canyons
  • Poles
  • Daze Canyons
  • Cori Canyons
  • Grey Mountains


  • The name 'Kras' was contributed by the community. Kras was eventually a reddish desert planet and was remade in version 2.0, only to be remade entirely in 2.1, turning into a purple moon rather than a red desert.
  • The moons added to Arkas are made in a modular format, meaning that they can be removed instantly at will.
  • The name of the Cori Canyons biome is a reference to user CoriW on the KSP forums, Arkas' original creator.
  • The name of the Daze Canyons biome is a reference to user sDaZe on the KSP forums, who suggested the name for the moon.